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Welcome to you go-to for healing and spirituality in life, business, and relationships.

Spiritual Seeker

  • For Guidance in Life 
  • One in-person Wednesday Evening class per month
  • Monthly live-virtual group mentorship transmission
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Spiritual Growth Workbook
  • Reconnect To Your Self Digital Course
  • 15% off one-on-one sessions, courses, and programs

Spiritual Navigator

Spiritual Explorer

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Your spiritual journey is unique, and so is the support you need along the way. Tailored specifically for high achieving women at every stage of their spiritual exploration, Love Personal Growth mentorships offer varying levels of guidance, support, and membership. Select the plan that best nurtures your spiritual growth.

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Spiritual Mentorship

Client Love

Spiritual Seeker 


Designed for individuals new to spiritual practices or those who prefer a light-touch approach to their spiritual growth.


  • Monthly live-virtual group mentorship transmission to discuss the energy forecast and what you can expect for the month. Address collective and individual challenges and intuitive practices to guide you on your journey. Sessions are recorded so follow up anytime
  • Reconnect To Your Self Digital Course - Learn the symptoms of disconnection from yourself, and strategies and tools to reconnect to your true Self so you can start living a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Monthly transformational self-reflection workbooks to serve as your interactive guide to inspire healing and spiritual growth. 
  • Access to resources to guide you through burnout and challenges faced as a high achiever. 

Save 15% off all one-on-one sessions, my Signature Resource: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose Program, and Digital Courses  

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Recommended for Emerging Empaths

Spiritual Explorer Mentorship


For those who have some experience with spiritual practices and are looking to deepen their understanding and personal growth.


  • Includes Everything in Spiritual Seeker Mentorship PLUS
  • Access to Weekly In-Person Classes (also streamed via Zoom) to strengthen your intuitive and healing abilities. Uncover hidden truths within religion and spirituality, empowering you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. These classes promise not only personal and spiritual growth but also a supportive community and a space for profound connections.
  • Twice Monthly group mentorship sessions focusing on foundational spiritual concepts, practices, and Q&A. Expand your mind, reconnect with your body, and embrace your Soul with these interactive group calls focusing on foundational spiritual concepts, practices, and Q&A. Feel supported and guided through your spiritual journey with the Intuitively Aligned Formula guiding you to live happier and freer 
  • Access to an exclusive library of resources, including transformative workbooks, meditations, digital courses, and spiritual exercises to guide you through healing empowerment and intuitive development.
  • Participation in monthly workshops on specialized topics with guest speakers (e.g., intuitive development, spiritual healing, etc.).

Save 25% off all one-on-one sessions, my Signature Resource: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose Program, and Digital Courses 


Recommended for Loyal Lightworkers

Spiritual Navigator

As a Spiritual Navigator you receive one 1:1 session per month. For any additional sessions you receive 50% off one-on-one sessions. Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose Program and Digital Courses are included in the monthly investment


Recommended for Hidden Healers


Tailored for individuals deeply committed to their spiritual journey, seeking intensive guidance and personalized support. This tier will not only benefit you but also your relationships with your family and current and future clients.


  • Includes Everything in Spiritual Explorer Mentorship PLUS
  • One 60-minute one-on-one spiritual mentorship call per month for individual guidance, goal setting, and progress evaluation. 
  • Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose Program Included 
  • Weekly group mentorship sessions with in-depth teachings, practices, and group discussions. 
  • Unlimited access to the full library of resources, including all digital courses, workshops, and exclusive content.
  • Priority access to retreats and special events, including some only available at this tier.
  • A personalized spiritual development plan, regularly reviewed and updated.

Client Love

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Kind Words

Jessica touched on what was on the top of my mind but also touched on deeper lingering areas that I am working on.

Jerris H.

We did an Intuitive Guidance Session and I will say that it was the most profound experience I've ever had.

— Kaylan Wetzel

Jessica is incredibly nurturing, wonderfully gifted and tuned in to Spirit.
 I felt very safe and accepted. Jessica channeled exactly everything that is going on in my life and I felt so full of joy, awe, and tears. I feel so thankful and honored to have had this experience with Jessica.

— Susie F.

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— Inspiring Clients

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Experience what it's like to connect to the innate wisdom that lies within.

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I’m committed to teaching high-achieving empaths, lightworkers, and healers how to trust their intuition, reclaim their intuitive gifts, and confidently step into their Soul's Purpose using my Intuitively Aligned Formula.

I’m a certified spiritual counselor, energy healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Business Strategist with 1000s of hours of experience in mindful energy work. I'll guide you to explore the beauty of your inner world in a way that welcomes and embraces all parts of you – mind, body, and soul – so you can remember who you really are and what you have come here to do. What would life look like if you could break free from limiting thinking, find deep inner nourishment, and illuminate your natural essence?

In my former life, I was a successful electrical engineer with a thriving corporate career. As my personal ambitions grew, so did my career, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was called to bring healing to powerful women, who are also called to change the world.

I know what it’s like to be successful on the outside, confused and burnt out on the inside, and yearning to live a purposeful life that’s aligned with who you truly are. As frustrated, exhausted, or downright over it as you may feel right now, there is another path. A path for you to start illuminating your deepest desires in every moment. I'm here to show you the way.

I’d be honored to help you dive into an even deeper level of your energetic alignment and create a life that sets your soul on fire!


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