Welcome to a 3-Month Adventure Into Your Soul to Awaken and Share Your
Intuitive & Healing Gifts

Do you feel called to serve others in a more purposeful way?
It's time to bring more fun, clarity, and confidence into your divine destiny.

Are you ready to step into your light and serve?


  • From the outside in, everything looks great, yet inside you struggle because you know you are made for more.
  • You pushed yourself and it has paid off, yet not in the way you crave to serve.
  • You checked all the boxes and did all the ‘right’ things. However, this next step is outside of the box for you.
  • You started a journey back to you and discovered you have intuitive gifts and a divine purpose to fulfill. 
  • You're passionate about serving others and you're devoted to your healing journey but you're hiding.
  • You're scared to be the true you - to bring to the world what your heart desires: Will you be accepted, will you be misunderstood, will you be supported, will you prosper?  
  • So you blame others for not supporting you, or find excuses, or ruminate in procrastination, perfectionism, doubt, or overthinking
  • You need help trusting in your innate power, wisdom, & gifts
  • You need a confidence boost to step into your true Self & serve

You struggle with...

Who are you waiting to become?

You know you are called for a greater purpose

You're ready to shift from proving to purposeful and teach what you know

When you let your light shine, people around you want more

Are you ready to own your purpose?

You yearn to dive into your gifts and share them

Are you ready to channel your Soul's Purpose?

You Get To A Point In Life When Your Soul Purpose Can No Longer Be Ignored

You experience the thrill through your mind, body and soul when channeling your gifts

You're ready to receive for your special gifts

"I couldn’t have done it without you!!! So much healing work thanks to you! You are literally THE ONLY person that can bridge the mental and the spiritual for me. I don’t know what I would do without you."

— Kristina

"Jessica transformed my life"

Awaken Your Soul's Purpose



  • Through spiritual practices, healing modalities, and intuitive guidance, you'll learn how to connect with your soul to release energetic blocks for you and others.
  • Reclaim and hone your ability to channel intuitive guidance and healing energy to live out your divine purpose and guide others through their healing journey.

Here's What You'll Learn

Releasing Energetic Blocks 

Intuitive Development

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:


  • Receive a Soul Purpose Chart Reading
  • Identify and understand the challenges that will get in your way from serving your mission.
  • Learn how to heal the challenges you will face when living out your soul's purpose

Soul's Purpose

"Not only did it blow my mind, it exceeded my expectations. I got what I came for and then some."


Human Design Expert


"She taught us to see more clearly into our own hearts, emotions, and thoughts. That we are not stuck. And equipped us with the tools to listen to ourselves." 


International Stylist 


client love

  • Duration: 3-Months of Channeling 
  • Monthly Community Calls: Engaging teachings and guidance to channel and hone your gifts. (Value = $1,665)
  • Monthly Community In-Person Healing Sessions: Profound healing experiences in a supportive community setting where you will channel your healing gifts and get valuable healing experience. (Value = $1,665) 
  • Weekly Office Hours: Discussions and guidance on your blocks and business to support your healing work. (Value = $3,996)
  • Weekly Cellular Activations: Guided meditations to activate your gifts and empower you to share them with the world. (Value = $1,800) 
  • +Bonus Elevate Your Intuition Digital Course ($497)

  What's  Included?

Total Program Value Is $9,623
Your Investment Is Only $888


"I feel like a whole different being energetically. I asked myself, what's the difference, and I really whole hearted know that it's from working with Jessica."


Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Mother of 3

More Client Love

"I understood my soul qualities, where my inner conflicts lie, how to ground myself, where my fears come from, how to step into my gifts, my role as a parent with my children, & so much more."


Visibility Expert, Entrepreneur, & Mother of 2

"I'm a Type-A and I was getting stuck in I've got to prove it, and we unlocked this new belief that knowing can exist without proving. And now I have started to reach my goals faster and achieve the things I wanted to."


Podcast Host, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, & Mother 

You know your soul's purpose.

How does this sound?

You know how to connect to your soul to access clarity, confidence, and courage.



What you can expect through this adventure

You have the healing tools to help you move through the challenges with more ease.


You feel confident in channeling your intuitive gifts and healing powers.


Feel more supported than ever by a community of soul-sisters cheering you on



This is Your Time!

Grab your seat today in Awaken Your Soul's Purpose & Get Access to The Spiritual Explorer Mentorship!

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Spiritual Explorer Mentorship


I'm Jessica.

You're guide on this journey. I’m committed reconnecting you to your soul to access trust in your  authentic self and your divine purpose.

When you’re stuck in overwhelming thoughts and emotions, it’s difficult to live out your life’s purpose. 

I’m here to guide you to access your inner sanctuary so you can tap into clarity, confidence, and courage  at any moment. 

hey there!

The best part about this journey is  your soul-sister tribe. 

Your Divine Purpose

Greater Self-worth and Trust in your Soul

More joy, meaning, and fulfillment living your truth

You know you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


What's Included:

Soul Contract Reading

3 Community Virtual Sessions:
Dates and times to follow
Location: Zoom

4 In-Person Community Healing Sessions:
Dates Time and Location to follow

Weekly Office Hours:
Dates and times to follow
Location: Zoom

Weekly Cellular Activations: 
Access through digital platform. 

What is the program start date?

This is an ongoing open enrollment adventure. Join when your Soul's ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a virtual session?

All virtual sessions are recorded and will be sent out within 24 hours of our session. 

What kind of community support will be available outside of scheduled sessions, and how can I connect with other participants?

We are a tightly nit group. We meet weekly and women exchange contact information. 

What if I cannot make an in-person session?

All in-person sessions are streamed via Zoom and the recordings are send out within 24 hours. 

Are there any prerequisites or specific requirements for joining the program?

There are no specific prerequisites for joining the program, although a willingness to engage in healing and spiritual (not religious) practices is recommended. Also, a willingness to commit to the program's duration.

I love this!
I am in!

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