Hi! I’m Jessica, an intuitive guide and healer.

I empower high achievers like you to rediscover the innate wisdom within and gain clarity, confidence, and courage to awakening to their Soul' purpose and live an unapologetically aligned life. 

A Little About Me

I'm a 2x best-selling author, speaker, mother of three, intuitive guide, Reiki Master, and the founder of Love Personal Growth® a female empowerment company.

I combine my engineering brain and holistic approaches to empower conscious, unconventional women to awaken to their soul's calling and create an unapologetically aligned life. 

I've served as a Mindfulness Program Facilitator and on the leadership team for the Wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG) at a large multi-billion-dollar technology corporation. And I've spent thousands of hours in healing and holistic education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and Delphi University to gain the wisdom to guide women on their spiritual and healing journey. 

My expertise can be found in Thrive Global, Medium, PsychCentral, and ForbesWomen. My true passion sharing spiritual truths to empower women to reconnect to their Self, which inspired my Soul Community and my book Reclaim Your Self


I was a corporate engineer making multi-six-figures, raising three children living the dream. Until... it wasn't. 

Degreed as an electrical engineer, I spent 15 years helping customers design and implement their missions with the most advanced technology in the world. Yet, not as advanced as the human.

After years of overachieving, striving for perfection, and trying to make everyone else happy. I was burned out, resentful, and disconnected from myself. 

No matter what I did, it never felt enough. 

Unbeknownst to me, at the time, I was a workaholic stuck in the High Achiever’s Trifecta. 

It became too much – I was overwhelmed and burned out. I knew I wanted another way I just didn’t know how. Unconsciously, I was praying for a miracle. 

Then I finally found my purpose, helping women uncover their divine purpose.

On May 5th 2018, that miracle occurred, giving birth to a miraculously healthy baby boy after only months earlier learning he may not live. That was my spiritual awakening and the start of my healing journey.

What I discovered on this journey is I consistently wanted three things:

1) To learn how to trust my intuition
2) To know what intuitive gifts I brought to share here on earth and
3) How to answer my Soul’s calling /purpose.

Since 2018, I have accomplished all three and now I have the privilege to teach other women to do the same. Which I do through my healing empowerment and intuitive development programs.

You, too, can live a happier, more purposeful life.


In 2013, when my oldest daughter was five months old and the pumping and late nights coupled with the demands of a $15 billion company became too much, I quit my job.

I went to work for a smaller company from home. While it was nice to breastfeed during meetings, I took the same overachiever, type A, hardworking people pleaser with me to this job. By 2015, working from home for two years with little boundaries and pregnant with my second I felt more depleted, unmotivated, and overwhelmed than ever before.

It wouldn't be until 2017 that I started to transform my life. Not by choice but through challenge. In 2017, we discovered the baby I held within me may not live. Carrying a baby that may not make it had me questioning everything, including the purpose of life. 

It was during that time I started looking within me for answers instead of outside of me. I started getting curious about what life was all about, what I really wanted, and what I discovered is that I wanted something different than the life I was living.  

On Cinco de Mayo 2018 I gave birth to a miracle. In that moment I made the commitment to transform my life as I was so blessed. That journey led to this school, Love Personal Growth, Institute of Healing and Unlearning. 

I’ve spent each day since Cinco De Mayo 2017 healing, unlearning, and remembering who I truly am. This journey took me through courses, retreats, coaching, and more to allow me to heal from the inside out. 

This journey gave me the opportunity to quit my six-figure job and live a more fulfilling life. To have better relationships with Wayne, my kids, family, friends, co-workers, and ultimately, and most importantly myself.

It allowed me to feel more centered and grounded, not getting so overwhelmed with all the work requests and never-ending to-do lists. It allowed me more time to myself daily without guilt and ultimately it empowered me to live a life in alignment with my true values…

Empowering women to reclaim their true self, to have more self-love, self-worth, compassion, and clarity than ever before.

This journey gave me the confidence to support women like you… Who know they were made for more. Who find themselves overachieving, overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, and exhausted and guide them within to transform their lives to uncover what they've been missing - The Divine Feminine.

To have more love, compassion, and time for themselves with less guilt, resentment, and burnout and teach them the intuitive and spiritual practices to support their Soul expansion.

I created these solutions for you, for love, and for healing.

Super Fun Facts



I was a miracle baby.  I was air-vacced at six-hours old for emergency surgery.


Traveling to spiritual sights around the world is my dream come true.


My favorite movies Frozen II and Mary Magdalene reveal the secrets to life.


I spend way too much time researching but I can't and don't want to help it! My engineering brain loves it!

Your at-a-glance bts to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet

Andrew Newberg

Guilty pleasure

Gluten Free-Vegan Cookies

alternate universe job:

Travel Enthuseaist

favorite place i've been:

Inside my own heart

drink of choice

Lollipop Strawberry-Vanilla 

can't live without

Pen and Journal

usually craving

Delicious Vegan Food

beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge

I don't! I'd rather read.


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