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Hi! I’m Jessica

To the outside world, I was positive and happy. Some would say to me, “You’re the happiest, most positive person I know.” But what they didn’t see was that I was stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted. I didn’t have any time for myself. The facade I was portraying to everyone else was the complete opposite of what I felt like inside. But then a miracle changed everything…

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Start to Reduce Stress and Rediscover You Now! Webinars, worksheets & the tools you need to change your life.



Speaking Topics include: Reduce Stress, Rediscover You, Happiness Through Healing, Overwork & more…



Reclaim Your Self! A Working Mom’s Journey Back to HerSelf. will inspire women to understand, undo, rediscover, and empower themselves with what’s within.



Who I am as a Spiritual Coach

Life Coaching Was Great And Something Was Missing: As I completed my life coaching program at SWIHA I left feeling grateful that I had a completed ...

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What Is This Love I Speak Of?

​This Love that I speak of is hard to put into words, it is like the most reassuring love, it’s never ending, never leaving, always present, ...

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What I Mean By Healing…

Before 2018 I only knew of the word healing in terms of medical ...

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What It Means to Rediscover You…

I love this phrase because it clarifies that while we may feel lost, while we may feel like we have lost ourselves, we are never truly ...

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Success stories

“All I can say is thank you! Thank you for creating this workshop. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for creating a safe place to share mine. And thank you for giving me the confidence to believe in myself. I really appreciate it.”

-Kristina D.

For those of you who have not taken a course, program, or had a meeting with Jessica, now it’s the time! Jessica is an absolutely amazing personal growth advocate and coach! Her knowledge about growing in one’s career to dealing with stress of any kind is some of the best out there. I highly recommend any classes with Jessica! Sign me up!

Alexandra B.

The unique thing about you is that while you are not into mindfulness and personal growth and other holistic teachings you somehow know when to turn on your “Engineering Brain” and that not everyone is there yet and you are able to explain it to them (us) when we are confused by a theory or practice.

Marquita A.

I really enjoyed the workshop because Jessica is so passionate about it. I learned not only from the information given to me, but also how they’re presented. Jessica presents with kindness and passion, and makes the whole workshop really feel safe.

Timothy V.