An experience to
become more fully you.


Pursue Your Passion, Live Your Purpose, 
& Activate Prosperity In Community 

Release energetic blocks to connect with your Soul & experience more happiness and joy. 

For women who want to make a difference in the world

For Alignment in
Life & Business

Align Your Business with Your Soul's Purpose.


Ready for more confidence in your abilities, purpose, and next steps? Join us to reprogram subconscious thoughts and beliefs so you can shine your light brighter and bring your playful power Self to life.


It's time to live and embody your purpose! Maybe you know your purpose and maybe you don't either way, it's time to live it. Come join us to release the limiting beliefs holding you back from living in alignment with your Soul both personally and professionally! 

Inspired Strategy

Have Inspired Strategic Direction: Bring your big dreams and together we will develop strategies for making those dreams a reality. We'll focus on practical steps to turn your big ideas into actionable plans.

Deep Connection

There's nothing like healing and sharing in community. A place you feel like you belong, without jealousy or judgment. Join your soulsister tribe where you will feel like you've known these women forever. A place where we are all rooting for you!

Everything you need is within you, in fact, it already exists.

It's time to release the energetic business blocks and  remember how to tap into the energy of who you are.

Together, let's reactivate your purpose together in community!

Here's what women who attended are saying!

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Discover the Experience Awaiting You!

Envision engaging in these activities amidst the presence of visionary women, within the serenity of an exquisite residence, and within the sanctuary of your innate wisdom.
  • Release Limiting Beliefs: Experience breakthroughs that provide alignment and clarity empowering you to build more confidence in yourself, your message, your purpose, and your business than ever before. 
  • Clearing Money Blocks: Dive into exercises and discussions aimed at identifying and releasing money blocks, paving the way for financial abundance and a healthier relationship with money.
  • Owning Your Bigness: Embrace your achievements and potential through empowering activities. Learn to confidently step into your role as a leader and visionary in your field.

We are Excited to Guide Your Embodied Business Journey

this is exactly what I have been looking for

  • Kind Words: Each testimony is a personal success story, showcasing who you are as a person. This not only highlights what you bring to the table but also inspires and motivates others to work with you.
  • Prior to the retreat we come together for our community connection session to prepare for a magical experience of business and intuitive integration. In this session we will get all your questions answered and ensure you have all you need to make your journey a success!
  • One-Day Live In-Person Retreat: Immerse yourself in a full-day retreat designed to align your Soul with your business goals. This intimate gathering will provide an opportunity for deep connection, reflection, and strategic planning.
  • Beyond the retreat, we offer continued support through two group expansion sessions. These gatherings serve as a platform to celebrate achievements, cultivate innovative ideas, and collaboratively shape plans for success on your ongoing journey.

This retreat takes place in a stunning private residence, offering a haven of tranquility and a wellspring of inspiration. As well as amazing photos!

  • Breathwork and Meditation: Incorporate embodied practices to stay grounded and focused. These techniques will help you bring clarity and calm to both your personal and professional life.
  • In this retreat, you'll experience the profound benefit of deep connection – not only to yourself but also to your business, clients, and a remarkable network of inspiring women. Through shared experiences, support, and collaboration, you'll cultivate a sense of belonging and empowerment that will fuel your personal and professional growth in ways you never imagined. 
  • You'll discover the invaluable benefit of enhancing trust in yourself as the intuitive business leader you are. You will receive the tools, guidance, and support to help you unlock your inner potential, build self-confidence, and lead your business with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.
  • Headshots: Professional headshots for your business are vital as they convey credibility, trustworthiness, and a personal connection to your brand. And the location for these headshots are at a stunning private residence. 

What's included in This Soulful Experince


Integrate your personal insights into your business endeavors, and receive support from a community of purposeful women. Leave with actionable plans to bring your passions to life in a purpose-driven way. This retreat offers a transformative experience that combines your intuitive knowing with your business expansion.

Community Connection Session

Let's come together as a community and prepare for a magical experience of business and intuitive integration. A place where head and heart meet so you can bring your intuitive gifts into the world in a lucrative way. In this session we will get all your questions answered and ensure you have all you need to make your journey a success! 

Two Expansion Sessions

We delve into the integration of intuition and intellect, recognizing personal growth as a lifelong journey. You receive continuous virtual support to celebrate achievements, cultivate innovative ideas, and collaboratively refine strategies for your ongoing success, crafting a roadmap that honors your inner guidance and intellectual prowess.

Headshots & Kind Words

This journey wouldn't be complete without some new photos for your business! Don't worry we will do them before the crying begins. In addition you'll leave with valuable new Kind Words, enhancing your ability to connect with and attract clients who resonate with your journey and services.

Love From Our Soul Tribe

Come find your soul tribe, your soul friends.

This is a journey of transforming your business by aligning it with your deepest values and visions. If you're ready to take this step, we're here to guide you through every part of this soulful and strategic process. Join us and transform the way you do business!

I am ready to feel Empowered


Empowering Your Soulful Healing Journey:
Meet Alessandra and Jessica

Meet: Alessandra Caprice, MSW our Intuitive Money Expert

Alessandra focuses on empowering you to grow your financial abundance! Merging her background as a psychotherapist with her experience in online business strategy, Alessandra has developed the groundbreaking Money Breathwork method. She addresses the need for healing limiting beliefs and expanding business potential through breathwork, focusing on areas like money, marketing, and sales. Alessandra's personal journey of growing her business while balancing family life with four young children showcases her commitment to integrating personal growth with professional success. 

Together, we are dedicated to guiding female entrepreneurs, like you, in transforming their lives and businesses, blending soulful wisdom and intuitive business strategies to bring forth their message with confidence and profitability.

We are your dedicated team, united in our commitment to your personal and professional transformation.
Our experience has taught us the importance of collaboration and networking in achieving success. We are here to teach you and guide you in energetic based practices to empower you in your business! We cannot wait to work with you!!!

Meet: Jessica LaMarre, our Intuitive Guide & Healer

Jessica empowers you to remember your truth, step into your Divine Purpose, and Trust your Soul in life and business! Through her Intuitively Aligned Formula, she supports your journey to release limiting beliefs, reprogram your subconscious, and rewire your nervous system to create an inner sanctuary of clarity, confidence, courage, and compassion. She guides you through the inner work necessary for your expansion. Her expertise can be found in ForbesWomen, Thrive Global, Upjourney, and more. Her commitment to her purpose is endless, she is currently pursuing a Master's in Women's Spirituality. 
Meet: Kristina Peterson, our Retreat Director and HypeGirl!

Kristina has the ability to make you feel seen, heard, valued, and understood just in her presences. Then wait until you do your photoshoot. You will feel incredible! She is our resident HypeGirl! Kristina is intuitive and knows what you need before you even ask. Her unwavering support and care make each moment feel loved and cherished. She keeps us on track all while trusting in the process! 
Meet: Alexandra Bwye, our Marketing Director & Photographer

With Alex as your photographer, you can be sure that your story will be conveyed through her lens. The photos captured during the retreat will embody the woman you are, and the one you are destined to become. Alex may work behind the scenes, but her passion for her craft is evident in every shot. Her calming presence will put you at ease, making her the ideal photographer for our Soul-Led event.

Kind Words From Our Soul Friends

Join us to cultivate trust in your Soul and thrive as the confident business leader you are.

You know you have Talents, (in fact you probably HAVE THE TOOLS, CERTIFICATIONS, QUALIFICATIONS, and TRAININGs) & you are ready to grow your business in a Intuitively aligned, Financially abundant way


You want to start or have started your own heart-led business but are not yet seeing the impact you know you are capable of or the financial gains so you ponder staying in your 9-5 or going back to it

Do any of these resonate with you?

You have a subconscious belief that your clients cannot afford your services or that charging too much is greedy, selfish, or not spiritual

You sometimes play small when it comes to projects close to your heart - and don't own your bigness which is present in the fear of launching your offers and self-sabotage of unfinished landing pages, website content, incomplete actions, and comparison

You've done the healing work - You know its a lifelong process - You don't necessarily need more personal healing - you are ready to step into your light and serve in your greatest business capacity

If yes, then it's time experience deep connection, healing, and expansion in community

You find yourself overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list, wanting or needing to do it all (and all perect) and secretively find yourself questioning your trust in the divine

not wanting to let others down you put others needs in front of your own, and over-give to serve others but end up feeling resentful and burned-out 

You fear that what you do won't be enough or focusing on what you don't have so you undervalue yourself and your services (pricing too low, not making offers, or doubting your abilities)

I am ready to Connect with my Soul Tribe

Experiences From Our Soul Sisters

Ready to gain clarity on what you have to share with the world?

  Is This For Me?

This Retreat is designed for...

  • Women ready for a deep community of connection. One that goes well beyond surface level and into the depths so we can create lasting transformation. 
  • Women who may have limiting beliefs or fears related to showing up as truly themselves in business. money and are seeking to clear these blocks to achieve financial success.
  • Women who want to own their uniqueness, talents, and capabilities, and are ready to step into their full potential in both life and business.
  • Women who are interested in incorporating practices like breathwork and meditation into their daily lives for practical and holistic personal and business growth.
  • Women who want to create a strategic plan for their business endeavors, aligned with their big dreams and ideas.
  • Women who are looking for accountability and guidance to help them implement their business plans and overcome self-doubt or self-sabotage.
  • Women who are willing to confront and overcome inner fears, limiting beliefs, and stuck emotions that may be holding them back from achieving their dreams.
  • Women who desire to operate from a place of authenticity, heart, and intuition in their business endeavors, rather than external influences or comparisons.
  • Women who want to work on feeling worthy of receiving money and abundance just as they are, without relying solely on their job or external factors.
  • Women who may subconsciously fear sharing their gifts with the world (which may show up as procrastination, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and productivity on no so important tasks.) 

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The Value of Your
Soulful Retreat Experience

Session 1: "Community Connection and Preparation" - Join our welcoming community for a transformative journey, bridging the realms of business and intuition. Discover how to leverage your intuitive gifts to thrive in your professional endeavors. This initial session is dedicated to answering your questions and equipping you with the tools you need for a successful journey ahead.  (Value $555) 

Retreat: Our retreat isn't just an event; it's a transformational revolution. It empowers you to shed doubts, conquer fears, and dismantle limiting beliefs. You'll immerse yourself in a vibrant community of visionaries, shedding old marketing paradigms to harness your intuition, gain clarity, and confidently unleash your unique talents and ideas. This retreat takes place in a stunning private residence, offering a haven of tranquility and a wellspring of inspiration. (Value $3,995)

Headshots: Step into the woman you know you are  -  In today's digital age, investing in professional headshots is an essential step toward establishing a compelling and trustworthy business image. ($500)

Session 2: "Integrating Intuition and Intellect" - Emphasizing the harmonious union of intuition and intellect, this session acknowledges that personal growth is an ongoing process. (Value $555) 

Session 3: "Building Success Together" - In our final session, we unite to build your success story. Drawing from the shared wisdom of our community, we refine your strategies and actions. Together, we craft a roadmap that honors both your intuitive insights and intellectual acumen, ensuring your continued growth and prosperity.(Value $555) 

Retreat Total Value: $6,160
Your investment: Only $1,497

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Community Connection SESSION:
Date: Thursday, April 18TH, 2024
Time: 12:00-1:30 pm AZ Time
(11:00am PT /2:00 pm ET)
Location: Zoom

TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AZ TIME

Two Expansion SESSIONS:
Thursday, May 2nd 2024 &
Thursday, May 16TH, 2024
TIMES: 12:00-1:30 PM AZ TIME
(11:00AM PT /2:00 PM ET)

Just a Little More Love for the Retreat Experience for those First Timers.

We would love to have you join us!

Soulful Healing Retreat

This retreat is designed to empower and inspire women to fulfill their purpose, make a meaningful impact, and generate income. 

This includes the GROUP COMMUNITY CONNECTION Session,
the live In-person Retreat & two GROUP Expansion Sessions 

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