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The Soul Community!

Seeking a profound spiritual connection? Searching for a haven where  awakening women empower and uplift each other? You've found your sanctuary.

We meet each Wednesday at 6:00pm Live and In-Person in South Tempe, Arizona

Come for clarity, stay for community

In this Soul Community:

Key Highlights

+ for passionate, driven women on a spiritual journey.

+ Live, in-person meetups to share and inspire each other

+ Dive deep into self-awareness, find clarity, and be a part of a supportive tribe.

Your Soul's Calling

Life can be hectic, making us crave something more meaningful. Deep down, there's a gentle nudge pushing us toward a life that truly reflects who we are. If you're:

  • Grow Together: Join a community of women turning challenges into empowerment, finding strength in every step of the journey.

  • Build Real Bonds: In our community, we foster relationships built on support, respect, and growth, enhancing our shared experiences.

  • Navigate Your Feelings: We use our emotions as pathways to deeper satisfaction and insight, pursuing a life that's in tune with our deepest selves.

  • Pick Purpose Over Pressure: We prioritize what truly matters, saying no to stress and yes to a life filled with purpose and happiness.

Then your soul is calling for an up-leveling. Our community is here to guide, inspire, and be with you on this transformative journey.

Driven, inspiring, supportive women committed to healing and spiritual growth

What makes this community unique?

Come experience true compassion and finally feel heard in a judgment free zone. There is no spiritual bypassing happening here. Our community does not conform to all "love and light." We do the deep, real work that can feel messy and at times hard but necessary for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Come see what grounded spirituality is all about. I invite you to experience profound healing in community.

Join theInspire, Uplift & Empower Soul Community!

How it Works

Addressing these challenges often requires creating a supportive network, setting boundaries, and finding practical ways to integrate spiritual practices into daily life

It’s also important for women, especially mothers, to acknowledge and honor their journey, recognizing the strength it takes to pursue personal growth amidst raising a family.

you're in the right place.

Is The Soul Community Right For You?

If you crave a deeper connection with your soul/intuition, more out of life, less overwhelming thoughts and emotions, self-reflection and want to grow, transform, and expand then this soul community is for you. 

Where you can come to grow your self-love and self-confidence

A sacred space to receive guidance to listen to the call of your soul

A place for you to remember and embrace who you truly are so you can show up in the world as you are called

To help guide you to tap into your soul to gain curiosity, clarity, confidence, commitment, and courage, to be more authentically you, and when you run into challenges on your life’s path

Who this is NOT for

is NOT: Based on any denomination or religion. We will speak of Soul and, at times, Spirit/Universe. If these terms resonate with you, I invite you to join this community! If not, no worries!

is NOT: A place for judgment. We hold no judgments for where you are on your journey. 

is NOT: A space where you have to show up a certain way in order to be loved and accepted. We love you as you are, where you are, whatever brought you here, there is a reason.

Each Wednesday Soul Community Session is held in a sacred space. 

A sacred space contains 3 things 

  1. What's said here stays here – You can happily share the insights you gained; however, sharing other people's stories is not allowed. 
  2. No judgments for others or ourselves
  3. No repercussions – what you share or are going through will be met with love and compassion. 


Here's how this Soul Community can support you

  • Deep Emotional and Spiritual Healing: Move through and heal deep-seated emotional wounds rather than just covering them up. This approach frees you from past traumas, opening you to a world of possibilities.
  • Tailored Guidance That Resonates: Enjoy teachings that blend scientific insights with spiritual intuition. Through channeling or oracle readings, receive guidance deeply aligned with your personal journey.
  • A Safe Space to Transform: This community offers a safe, welcoming environment for you to freely explore and express your deepest thoughts and fears without judgment.

When you’re ready to feel more inspired, uplifted, and empower and want more confidence on this journey of life, I invite you to become a part of this soul community. 

Learn more about the 

In this community, showing up is 90% of the work.

The other 10% is being present and aware of the spiritual insights and healing that come with each community meeting. 

Each Wednesday, we hold our sacred space 

I'm so excited to see your beautiful face and hear your story. 

Soul Community Sessions

In my former life, I was a successful electrical engineer with a thriving corporate career. As my personal ambitions grew, so did my career, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was called to bring something more to the world.

As an overachieving mom of three, I know what it’s like to be successful on the outside, confused and burnt out on the inside, and yearning to live a purposeful life that’s aligned with who you truly are. As frustrated, exhausted, or downright over it as you may feel right now, there is another path. A path for you to start illuminating your deepest desires in every moment. I'm here to teach you how.

I’m committed to teaching you how to reconnect to your Soul to gain clarity, confidence, and courage. To shift from living a life to appease everyone else to living the life you truly desire. To trust your intuition, reclaim your intuitive gifts, and confidently step into your Soul's Purpose using my Intuitively Aligned Formula.

I’m a certified spiritual counselor, energy healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Scholar, and Spiritual Business Strategist with extensive experience in mindful energy work. I have been trained by Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Delphi University, and currently getting my master's in Women's Spirituality.

What would life look like if you could break free from limiting thinking and societal conditioning, remember your innate worth, and trust your soul?

I’d be honored to help you on this journey of creating the life of your dreams. 

To get started take the free healing archetype quiz and then join one of my monthly mentorships. The community is incredible!