Who I am as a Spiritual Coach

Life Coaching Was Great And Something Was Missing:
As I completed my life coaching program at SWIHA I left feeling grateful that I had a completed the course and excited to help others. However, I still felt like something was missing and every time I got into a coaching session I found myself trying to revert back to some sort of tool or process and it just didn’t feel right. I graduated from that course in May of 2019 the exact date of my son’s first birthday. Since then I have taken a lot of other courses, but none have brought me the clarity that my spiritual coaching class brought me. As we completed the course, I felt relieved. I felt relief to know that the reason that the life coach didn’t suit me is because I am a spiritual coach.

I am a spiritual coach. I am a spiritual coach. It feels good, liberating, and a little scary to say those words. I know that with every fiber of my being that Spirit is with me in this journey. I am in this journey because of Spirit and I know that my work and my life is founded in Spirit.

The Disconnection:
I started on this journey because I was so blessed with the birth of a child that wasn’t supposed to be. I asked for Spirit’s help and Spirit has been with me every step of the way. I made a promise to Spirit that I would serve, and I would give back because I have been so blessed. I was living a life of feeling numb, overworking myself, always being stressed out, not really having a big picture of where I wanted to go, having so many unhealed emotions, not wanting to truly feel my feelings, and always finding my mind in the future or in the past. I didn’t know the divine light within me. I wasn’t connected to my knowing.

The Rediscovery of Me:
That was over three years ago. My life has completely transformed, first my inner world and now my external world. Many days I don’t even recognize the person I used to be. It has taken a lot of healing, learning and unlearning, delving into my belief systems and values examining them to see if they’re really mine or if I’ve been carrying around someone else’s beliefs, acknowledging all of my emotions, classes, courses, books, and school to get to where I am now. The journey is worth every tear cried, every emotion felt, every hurt, and every bump or mountain along the way.

I have never felt so connected to myself, connected to those around me. I feel like I live my life on purpose. Now I feel liberated and inspired and empowered. I know that I am guided and protected and have an amazing support team in both the physical and non-physical realms. Life is truly incredible.

Empowering Others To Connect To The Light Within:
Now that I know what an inspired life can be, I coach others see the light within them, to help them gain the clarity around what it is that they truly want, the confidence to receive what they want, and a relationship with their Knowing. A strong self-connection that allows them to release what no longer serves them, to live a life their Soul is calling them to, and to feel empowered to answer the calling.

I have a deep desire and passion to learn and grow and what this allows is for me to gain insight and knowledge and wisdom that I can bring into the sessions to allow my clients to receive the information that is best suited for them.

From living my experiences as a working mom in corporate America who grew up doing everything she was supposed to do only to feel an emptiness to transforming my life into one I love and a life that feels purposeful. I desire to give this gift to others. To light the path along their journey.

Being Spirit Lead:
Having the unique ability to merge my engineering mind, my intuition, my experiences, and my passion for learning and growing, I come forth as a spiritual coach that allows clients to both see the logical factors and a connection to their intuition, to access their inner power, to feel more confident, and to have clarity on what they want. I have the ability to create a space where people feel comfortable to share their true feelings and I do this by setting the intention, being vulnerable myself, and allowing Spirit to lead.

I am so grateful to be on this spiritual journey and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to coach others on this spiritual journey. It is truly an honor and a privilege and I am forever grateful.

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