What It Means to Rediscover You…

In my messages, videos, and content you will see ‘Rediscover You’ repeatedly. I love this phrase because it clarifies that while we may feel lost, while we may feel like we have lost ourselves, we are never truly lost. We just need to rediscover who we are, inside of us.

I believe we feel “lost” for many reason… 

  • We are so busy doing everything for everyone else
  • There is always so much to do and not enough time, so we go, go, go non-stop and have no time for ourselves.
  • It seems like what we are doing is never enough, we are always behind and no matter how much we give of ourselves, even at the expense of our own wellbeing, it seems like everyone always needs more.
  • We have attached ourselves to the titles we believe we are… A-Type, perfectionist, hard worker, high achiever, and the strive to be the good fill in the blank… mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee. We are so busy trying to live up to all these titles.
  • We haven’t truly been shown the way… we have been taught that everything we want is outside of us. That the next best thing will make us happy, the bigger house, the nicer car, the promotion, the coffee. Whatever it is for you that you look for outside of you to find your happiness.
  • We chase old versions of success, maybe not even our own, which causes us to work harder, in all aspects of life, and it is never enough, so we always want more, but even that more isn’t enough, there is still a void.
  • We never get a break to discover who we are because of all the responsibilities we have.
  • We unconsciously believe that other people’s happiness is our responsibility so we give all of ourselves and it seems like we can never truly make them happy or ourselves.
  • We are taught young that love is earned, so we spend our whole lives doing in order to earn the love, to feel worthy of the love.
  • We are taught to be different, to look different, to be who we are supposed to be, who the world needs us to be. We are so consumed by who everyone else needs us to be that we forget who we are.

All of this is exhausting, and we have lost our way, but the answers we are looking for are not outside of us, even thought that is where we have been taught to look. All the answers we need to know are inside of us waiting to be Rediscovered.

I believe we don’t need to do anything or be anything to be loved. We are worthy of love just the way we are right now in this moment. The love that flows through us, the love that is available to us at any moment does not need us to do anything.

To Rediscover You means to rediscover the Love within you, the Love that you are. It is here right now waiting for you with arms wide open, and you don’t have to do anything to receive it. You are worthy of if just as you are. You are worthy of Love.

What it is like to Rediscover You, the Love within you.

  • Greater self-love – say goodbye to the self-criticism.
  • Reconnection to yourself, the Love that is within you
  • Reduction of the “negative” thoughts – You mind will become clearer, less of the “always on” feelings.
  • More time for you – the permission you’ve been looking for outside, is granted inside
  • Greater self-trust – say hello to the ability to make decisions form a place of knowing rather than fear, impulse, or indecisiveness.
  • Clarity in life – welcome knowing what you want and allowing it rather than forcing it
  • Shift in belief systems that were created to keep you safe rather than enjoy life – say hello to more fun and freedom
  • Less irritability, frustration, and anger – let go of the need to yell
  • Better relationships, more authentic relationships with your spouse, children, family, friends, co-works, etc..
  • Ability to be more present in the moment – enjoy your life rather than rushing through it focused on the next thing you need to do.
  • Confidence to be who you are and not who others want you to be
  • Better sleep – more restful, peaceful sleep.
  • A sense of value, worth, and deserving of what you have – you don’t have to earn everything, what a relief.
  • Deeper love for your body, for your soul, for the love that you are

If you feel like you need help accessing the Love that is already within you, the love you already inherently deserve. I can help you Rediscover You, the Love that you are. We do this by going within, connecting to the Love within you, and allowing that Love to guide us in releasing blocks, patterns, cycles, and belief systems. This can be releasing self-criticism, self-hatred, guilt, anger, resentment, fears, not feeling valued, worthy, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and other blocks that keep you from truly love you without the feeling of needing to earn the love.