A Soulful Experience for Powerful Woman Executives Embracing their Inner Guidance and Wisdom.

Come Home
To You

Journey Of Soul Reinvigoration

Join Us Live, In-Person
from 9:00am-5:00pm (Arizona Time)

Deep Transformation For Spiritual and business Growth

This is your opportunity to tap back into the energy of possibility, with the gratitude of the journey and the wisdom of the lessons. With the certainty of the results you have created and the excitement for what is yet to come. 

As a thought leader, you face immense pressure to perform and be seen at a certain level. This experience guides you to release these burden and helps you find your authentic path that aligns with your values, not just your achievements.

Acknowledge and confront your deepest fear of losing it all if you truly follow your heart. Our experience offers a brave space to explore these vulnerabilities and discover inner resilience, teaching you how to balance and find peace even amidst uncertainties.

You are smart, you wouldn't be where you are if you weren't. You figured out what worked and did it. Which propelled you into the next level of your business. Yet, if we're being honest, it's not exactly where you want to be. You know there is something more authentic waiting for you. 

Striving to sustain, perform, and grow can be exhausting. We'll connect you to your inner guidance system to uncover hidden truths to balance these demands, guiding you to achieve sustainable aligned growth without burning out.

You've been through challenges and yet have continuously made it all work out.  You don't always have to push. We'll work on dissolving blocks and opening pathways to greater self-expression and fulfillment. One that's not so tied with who you have to be. 

Our experience encourages introspection on whom your efforts serve – is it others or your true Self? We'll guide you in aligning your actions with what serves the greatest and highest good for all involved.

I am ready to feel renewed

About the Event:

The Experience:
Emotional and Transformative

Feel the power of being held and supported in a space that stretches and expands your horizons. Beyond empowerment, we offer a journey to anoint and initiate your journey. Engage in unique experiences that prompt breakthroughs, offer new perspectives, and lead to the remembrance of your divine purpose.

Why Attend: 

Align With Your
Inner Desires

This experience is a rare opportunity to align your chakra system with your soul, to honor your deepest desires and overcome the fears that have held you back from your hidden desires. It's about feeling reinvigorated, gaining clarity, and illuminating the path to your true aspirations.

I am ready to feel Reinvigorated

Prevalent Prespectives

Dive deep into insights about the power within you. Learn to use your breath as a tool for alignment, embrace intentional living, and discover the vision that life has to offer. Here, acceptance and love are not just concepts, but practices that guide you to a state of presence, groundedness, and peace.

Initiation experiences

Experience the embrace of being held and supported as we guide you through a initiations that bring forth clarity, purity, and the flow of life. These powerful experiences are designed to help you uncover and trust the answers within, empowering you to express your free will and make choices that resonate with your true essence

Transformation Awaits:

Intuitive Alignment

Remember how to channel messages from the heart, expressing your truest self. Imagine speaking through your soul. This journey involves tapping into your core to share the message that resonates deeply with who you truly are. Shifting into alignment brings forth authenticity and personal truth in internal and external communication.

Explore your true Self. Our experience helps you discover aspects of your identity beyond your professional achievements, embracing a more holistic view of self.

I am ready to feel Refreshed

Is This For Me?

Who Should Attend

This experience is designed for women who have already achieved success in their businesses, women who are known as thought leaders in their industry. It is for those remarkable individuals who have not only created remarkable results but also understand that there is more to life than the relentless pursuit of success.

This experience is specially crafted for women who find themselves on the verge of something more significant, yet who are reluctant to take on more in their already busy lives.

Our experience is for women with hidden desires, aspirations, and dreams that they wish to fulfill, but who also recognize the importance of balance and personal growth. It is an opportunity to explore your innermost desires, connect with women who share your journey, and embark on a path of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Join us as we create a space where you can nurture your personal aspirations, unlock your hidden potential, and find the perfect harmony between your achievements and your deepest desires.

This experience offers you the chance to take a step back, rekindle your passions, and redefine life on your terms.

These results were experienced in 30 minutes. Imagine what an entire day will bring you!

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Date: Saturday, March 8th
Time: 9:00-5:00 PM AZ TIME
Location: Private Residence in south tempe, Arizona
Investment: $1,497

I Am ready to feel realigned

Executive 'Come Home To You' Experience


One time payment

This includes the live, In-person experience in Tempe, Arizona &
One Group Pre-call and two GROUP Post integration calls 

Wear comfortable clothing and leave your heals at home.

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and focused experience. Secure your spot today.

What other women are saying about working with me

Kind Words

Jessica touched on what was on the top of my mind but also touched on deeper lingering areas that I am working on.

Jerris H.

We did an Intuitive Guidance Session and I will say that it was the most profound experience I've ever had.

— Kaylan Wetzel

Jessica is incredibly nurturing, wonderfully gifted and tuned in to Spirit.
 I felt very safe and accepted. Jessica channeled exactly everything that is going on in my life and I felt so full of joy, awe, and tears. I feel so thankful and honored to have had this experience with Jessica.

— Susie F.

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— Inspiring Clients


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