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Reclaim Your Self: The Busy Mom's Secret To Escaping The Ordinary, Listen To Your Needs, & Go From Burnout To Bliss

Reclaim Your Self: The Busy Mom’s Secret To Escaping The Ordinary, Listen To Your Needs, & Go From Burnout To Bliss is written for the woman who feels guilt-ridden, easily irritated, overwhelmed, and doesn’t know what she truly wants or even who she truly is anymore. She is searching for something outside of herself to solve the conflicting feelings within. What she has yet to realize is that she has spent a lifetime building layers disconnecting from herself. This book gives her the solutions to remove those layers of separation and rediscover who she is underneath. As a result, she will have a deeper self-connection, clarity on what she wants, and the confidence to pursue her dreams.

As a working mom who knows the last thing I need is another action on my to-do list, I guide the reader to reduce her stress, remove the layers, and reconnect to herself in an unconventional and deeper way.

Reclaim Your Self will inspire women to understand, undo, rediscover, and empower themselves with what’s within. As a result of working with me, these women are more deeply connected with themselves. They feel less stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and guilty. They give themselves permission to prioritize themselves, they get more sleep, they eat healthier, and they take better care of their bodies, they start doing things they love and that makes them happy not because I’ve told them to do any of this, but because they have a deeper knowing of what they need and want.

Reclaim Your Self provides a new angle on the stress epidemic and gives readers a new way to relate to stress, allowing them to get to the core and transform from the inside out. Discussions about stress typically cover how to handle, deal with, or manage stress, but that’s not solving the problem. Social media, podcasts, news outlets, and magazines including Healthline, MindBodyGreen, ForbesWomen, Upjourney, Good Morning America, and Oprah are actively searching for content that offers a new perspective on how to reduce or eliminate stress, and this book is the answer.



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