Rediscover You Circle

A Circle to Empower Women

Join us for the Rediscover You Circle on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 12:00 pm PT (3:00 pm ET) 

  • Are you looking to live a life with less stress, overwhelm, and emotional burnout?
  • Are you looking for a community of women that uplift and support each other?
  • Are you looking to reconnect with yourself?

If yes… Welcome!  

In the Rediscover You Circle, you will join a community of women reconnecting to the Love within them.  We invite you to join us on this journey as we remove layers keeping us from who we are and what we want. 

Join us to…

  • Relax your mind, finally, in a safe space
  • Reconnect to the Love within you
  • Release the blocks keeping you from you and…
  • Reprioritize yourself

Ultimately, you will Rediscover You, the Love within You, the Love that you are! You will feel empowered to love all of you, even the parts that seem unloveable. ​This is where the true transformation happens, from the inside out! As you shift your inside world, watch your outside world transform. 

You deserve this time, you are worth this time, and if you made it to this page it was meant to be, we have been waiting for you. 

Experience for 2nd Friday of the Month:

Group Coaching – various topics

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Experience for 4th Friday of the Month: Workshop style

In each 4th Friday session, we will go deeper. The goal is to love yourself more fully, to rediscover this beautiful love that already exists within you. 

I will present a topic (see below) each 4th Friday. Come prepared to do self-reflection with journal/writing prompts which will bring forth clarity and compassion. There will be breakout rooms to connect with fellow Rediscover You Circle members. Trust me when I say that each month you show up it will be exactly what you need. Please come prepared to do deep healing work in all sessions.

Friday, July 23rd – “A New Way to Relate to Emotions” – Learn to connect with your emotions as your communication system instead of something you want to control. 

Friday, August 27th – “Moving To First Place” – Release the guilt and limiting thoughts standing in your way from choosing yourself first.

Friday September, 24th – “Rediscovering My Voice” – Learn how to identify and communicate your needs, wants, and desires.

Friday, October 22nd –  “Undoing the Layers” –  delving into your belief systems holding you back from feeling worthy of putting yourself first.

Friday, November 19th (3rd Friday due to Thanksgiving) – “Grief to Gratitude” – Grief, does not only happen when we lose someone, grief happens when a change occurs. Let’s honor our grief and transform our grief so we can learn from it.  

Friday, December 17th (3rd Friday due to Christmas) – “Giving without Expectation” – There are times we give expecting something in return from the other person. Let’s discover what inside of us needs to feel whole and give ourselves that gift so we can give without expectations. 

These sessions will be recorded so you can rewatch and/or watch in case you miss a session.

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