One-On-One Coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching to empower women to access personal and professional success from the inside out. We get to the core of each situation, not treating the symptoms but understanding the root cause. As a result, women gain clarity, confidence, and a conscious self-connection but more importantly they discover this within.

In our session, you get to rediscover the power within you by going within. Whether that is to love yourself more fully, to heal a part of you, to let your voice be heard in a safe space, or the myriad of other reasons to go within. Holding the space for you to discover the answers within lights up my Soul. I am honored to hold the space for you in this session.

Schedule a Session Now

Curious why one would schedule a session? Check out below…If you know you want things to change but you really don’t know where to start Schedule a session and together you will be guided to the answers. I have personally gone through each of these and have helped other women through these situations. Have questions or need support with something else? Send me an e-mail:

  • Reduce stress – Family, life, work, can get overwhelming – tap into your power to discover what is at the core of your stress, and what YOU need to reduce it.
  • Overcome overwork – Sometimes, work overwhelms our lives and we don’t see a way out, discover what’s at the core of overwork and start to transform your life.
  • Release guilt – Find yourself living in a constant state of guilt, or getting caught up in a guilt cycle. Let’s break the cycle and open your life to more joy.
  • Connect with your emotions – Do you feel emotionally exhausted? Do emotions sometimes get the best of you? If yes, and you want a new way… schedule a session.
  • Constantly stuck in your head? – Do the thoughts never stop? Do you just want a break? Let’s connect and better understand what’s underneath.
  • Do you feel like you always need to be doing something? Like if you slow down you won’t be productive? There is a need underneath this, let’s discover it together.
  • Find yourself always doing for others and putting yourself last? It’s important to understand what is underneath this behavior so we can transform it at the core.
  • Heal parts of you that you may think are unlovable – Do you have a self-critic or negative self-talk that won’t go away? Let’s connect with it and release it.
  • Remember how to love myself – Are there parts of yourself you do not like? Maybe you don’t even want to admit it or talk about it? Yeah, me too. Let’s remember how to love all of ourself.
  • Feel worthy of love – Do you ever feel like what you do is never enough? Do you really want something and it is just isn’t working out? Do you feel like you need to earn love? These are all signs that you may not feel worthy of love.
  • Release fear – Maybe you want to take that next step but feel fear, or fear keeps coming up. Let’s uncover what’s holding you back
  • Honor my feelings and emotions – Struggle to let yourself feel all of your feelings? Do you try to push them away or suppress them, only for them to come up bigger? Let’s allow them to be the communication system that they are.
  • Release shame – There are parts of me I didn’t want anyone to see, parts of me that I thought were unloveable. I know what it is like to want to hide parts of yourself. Let’s finally allow them to be free.
  • Gain confidence – True confidence comes from within, let’s tap into it!
  • Communicate clearly – Want to set boundaries and communicate what you need? Let’s get started on what works best for you!
  • Gain clarity – Have decisions to make and don’t know where to start? Start here!
  • Want to connect with your intuition? You will get this in each session, however, we can schedule a session just to grow your ability to connect with you!
  • And many more

Not ready to schedule a session? Join us in our Rediscover You Circle on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Come see what it’s like to connect with yourself, to go within, and to love you!