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Rediscover the divine spark that exists within you. In our bustling lives, we often forget to connect with our inner divinity. Yet, the innate wisdom, the answers, and the clarity you seek lie right inside of you. The Still Voice beckons, offering guidance, compassion, and conviction on your spiritual journey.


Embrace Your Inner Divinity

Founder's Message

On my personal journey, like many others, I sought clarity and purpose. Over time, I realized the importance of reconnecting with our inner selves and discerning the truth that resonates with us. And, it's not about having everything figured out. It's about growing, healing, expanding, and deepening our connection to the Divinity within and around us. Each challenge or decision, when approached with inner connection, aligns everything in place.

jessica Lamarre

Our Pathways to Divine Connection:


Question and let go of beliefs that do not serve our higher selves. Re-evaluate teachings and doctrines that may be misleading or even oppressive.


Embrace the power of stillness. Learn to listen and discern the voices within, leading to the discovery of the true voice of inner wisdom.


Experience transformative healing across timelines and lives. Release irrational fears and confidently step into your power.

Reconnecting to the Body

Develop a deeper relationship with your body, recognizing it as a manifestation of the divine feminine. In a world that often neglects the feminine, it's time we honor and listen to our bodies.

Learn for us.

Courses and Workshops

Our digital courses guide women on their spiritual awakening journey, helping them to reconnect more deeply with their highest self, so they can serve their highest purpose.
  • Spiritual Awakening Foundations
  • Meditative Practices for Beginners
  • Deep Healing: Understanding Past Lives and Timelines
  • Bodily Connection: Embracing the Feminine Within

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Take the leap and become a beacon of light in your life and the lives of those around you. Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women, all striving to reconnect with their divine selves.

Our mission is to support women worldwide in their spiritual journey, empowering them to connect with their inner divinity and serve their highest purpose. Let's embark on this journey together.

I’m committed to teaching high-achieving empaths, lightworkers, and healers how to trust their intuition, reclaim their intuitive gifts, and confidently step into their Soul's Purpose using my Soulfully Aligned Formula.

I’m a certified spiritual counselor, energy healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Business Strategist with 1000s of hours of experience in mindful energy work. I'll guide you to explore the beauty of your inner world in a way that welcomes and embraces all parts of you – mind, body, and soul – so you can remember who you really are and what you have come here to do. What would life look like if you could break free from limiting thinking, find deep inner nourishment, and illuminate your natural essence?

In my former life, I was a successful electrical engineer with a thriving corporate career. As my personal ambitions grew, so did my career, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was called to bring healing to powerful women, who are also called to change the world.

I know what it’s like to be successful on the outside, confused and burnt out on the inside, and yearning to live a purposeful life that’s aligned with who you truly are. As frustrated, exhausted, or downright over it as you may feel right now, there is another path. A path for you to start illuminating your deepest desires in every moment. I'm here to show you the way.

I’d be honored to help you dive into an even deeper level of your energetic alignment and create a life that sets your soul on fire!

Are you ready to own your intuitive gifts, come home to yourself, and create a soul-invigorating life? 

You can. And I want to help you make it happen.

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