Unlocking the Power of Your Inner Wisdom: A Transformative Digital Meditation Journey

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You find yourself overthinking decisions in your life, including the little ones, using valuable time and energy from your family, business, and peace of mind

You are seeking a deeper meaning and purpose in life know all the answers are within. yet, You Want to know how to access the answers within.

You often catch yourself reliving past events or planning out future ones making it difficult to be present in the moment robbing you of inner peace

Do these resonate with you?

you are in the work yet find yourself losing your temper on your loved ones with feelings of guilt and shame especially since you said last time would be the last

You struggle with the overwhelm that comes from the expectations you have of yourself which may cause you to ignore your needs in the pursuit to meet others needs or your business goals  

You receive insights from your intuition yet there are times you can't fight the feeling you may be getting it wrong. leaving you craving DISCERNment BETWEEN THE "EGO" AND YOUR INTUITION

If yes, then this intuitively designed course is for you!

Experiences & Love From Participants

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to gain clarity and calmness in your life? 

Imagine a life where you effortlessly navigate through the noise of your thoughts and emotions, finding a clear path to your truest self. This is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality that awaits you with our digital meditation course.

Picture yourself no longer being held captive by overwhelming thoughts about the past or anxiety about the future. Instead, you stand in the present, confidently making decisions that resonate deeply with your personal and professional life.

Visualize moments that once sparked frustration and aggravation, like challenges with your family or at work, now being met with a calm breath and a centered mind. Through the strategies in this course, you'll learn to embrace every aspect of your life with a newfound serenity.

Envision letting go of burdensome expectations, feeling the immense relief of being authentically you. You'll discover an inner sanctuary, a peaceful haven within, accessible at any moment, offering you an unshakable sense of peace and an unwavering trust in your innate wisdom.

This course is your gateway to not just clarity for making aligned decisions, but also to nurturing an inner calm that allows you to truly come home to yourself. Embrace this journey and transform your life into one of tranquility, wisdom, and profound self-trust.

Why Meditation With Me?

Experience a transformative journey with me, where I blend practical guidance with heartfelt insights to illuminate your path to clarity. Join me for digital classes filled with engaging exercises and meditative practices designed to unravel the clarity you've long been seeking.

In our sessions, I'll share my own deeply personal stories, revealing how profound shifts in consciousness can positively impact your life, often in the most unexpected moments. Imagine finding enlightenment during a simple yoga session with your kids – these are the kinds of transformative experiences I bring to light.

My approach to teaching is distinctively crafted, combining scholarly research with intuitive wisdom. As a working mom of three and a master's degree student, I understand the value of time. This is why I offer you the most effective, result-oriented meditation practices that align with your busy life, ensuring every moment with me is impactful.

Committing to meditation with me is about embracing a journey towards nurturing your inner wisdom. This practice deepens your connection to yourself, enabling you to access guidance in any situation, whether it's for yourself, your children, or in your professional life.

You already have all the answers you need within you. Let me be your guide to unlocking this inner wisdom, helping you to live a life that's intuitively aligned with your truest self.

What I want for you!

Utilize meditation to tap into your higher self to gain clarity and release overwhelm.

The discovery of self-support - sometimes life is hard - and I want you to seek the support within to help along the journey. 

enhanced creativity and fun! Allowing life to be more exciting! 

Clarity in your big vision - or perhaps you know your vision - then motivation to share your gifts with the world!

Whether you are on a spiritual journey, an entrepreneur, or anyone in between, meditation and connecting with the higher self can provide guidance, peace, clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose. It's a tool for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Being a mom, partner, employee, business owner, and all the other roles you play can be very stressful. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

yes, I'm in!

The ability to Make decisions in your business, relationships, and family that feel good! 

Invest in your personal growth and intuitive development by joining our meditation  course.

 Your intuition is a valuable guide—let us help you harness its potential.


Effortless Navigation through Mental Clutter:

  • Learn techniques to clear your mind of overwhelming thoughts and emotions.
  • Gain skills to stay present and focused, avoiding anxiety about past or future.

Decision Making with Confidence:

  • Develop the ability to make decisions that align deeply with your personal and professional values.
  • Harness your intuition to guide you in making choices that feel right for you.

Why Join The Online Meditation Course?

Cultivating Inner Peace and Wisdom:

  • Experience a deep sense of peace and trust in your inner wisdom.
  • Nurture an inner calm that enables you to feel at home within yourself.

Transforming Daily Challenges:

  • Acquire strategies to approach life's frustrations with calmness and a centered mind.
  • Apply meditative practices to transform challenging situations at home or work into opportunities for growth.

Authentic Self-Expression:

  • Learn to release burdensome expectations and embrace your authentic self.
  • Discover your inner sanctuary, a peaceful retreat within yourself, available at any moment.

This course isn't just about learning meditation; it's about transforming your life into one of tranquility, wisdom, and profound self-trust.
Embrace this journey with "Elevate Your Intuition" and unlock the full potential of your inner self.

Practical Application

In the meditation course, we explore these questions and many more!

This course is yours to complete at your own pace.

About the Course:

What To Expect:

  • Tailored meditation practices designed for busy lifestyles.
  • Personal stories and practical examples to illustrate the transformative power of the course.
  • Accessible digital content allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • Supportive and expert guidance throughout the course.
  • Modules and meditations that support your personal growth and expansion 

Elevate Your Intuition

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*Please note: This course is designed to enhance your intuitive abilities and self-awareness. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Consult with a medical professional if needed.*

What other women are saying about working with me

Kind Words

Kind Words

Jessica touched on what was on the top of my mind but also touched on deeper lingering areas that I am working on.

Jerris H.

We did an Intuitive Guidance Session and I will say that it was the most profound experience I've ever had.

— Kaylan Wetzel

Jessica is incredibly nurturing, wonderfully gifted and tuned in to Spirit.
 I felt very safe and accepted. Jessica channeled exactly everything that is going on in my life and I felt so full of joy, awe, and tears. I feel so thankful and honored to have had this experience with Jessica.

— Susie F.

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— Inspiring Clients


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