Hi! I’m Jessica

I’m a mom of 3, writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, Intuitive Guide, and former engineer. I guide mothers on to reconnect to their true Self.

Although this wasn’t apparent to the outside world I know what it’s like to be stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked, feeling burned-out and exhausted.

To others I was positive and happy, some would say to me “you’re the happiest, most positive person I know”. The demands of an A-Type personality and overachiever kept me feeling like there’s too much to do and not enough time, always giving to others – work, kids, husband, family, friends and not have time for myself. I easily would lose my patience typically with the ones I love most. I know what it is like to feel guilty for a multitude of reasons while being so hard on myself and trying to do it all. I know this because I lived it. I lived it until I had a miracle in my life that was a catalyst for change. While I have always had a deep desire to grow and learn, once this miracle occurred, I decided to change life as I knew it.

My journey to rediscover myself took me back to the classroom earning certificates in life and spiritual coaching, intuitive guidance, workshop facilitation, and energy healing. My engineering background coupled with extensive knowledge in mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence allowed me to meld my ‘engineering brain’ and ‘holistic approaches’ – to bring forth a unique experience. As an avid reader and lover of science and research I have been able to learn countless tools and techniques to help others transform their lives.

I coach with Lisa Nichols, one of the most requested motivational speakers in the world. I use my discipline and passion for learning to continuously educate myself. I have learned all of this not just to uncover how to overcome stress and burnout, but how to thrive and live a purposeful, meaning, and a fulfilling life. I take the best of what I have learned and shares it with others.

“It is in not in the doing but in the undoing that we rediscover ourselves.”

– Jessica LaMarre

In all that I have learned and experienced, the most transformation has come through the healing, the undoing and the unlearning. I have spent 100s of hours healing what no longer serves me, letting go of patterns, limiting belief systems, negative self-talk, and outdated beliefs. Getting to the core of my overwork, stress, overwhelm, guilt, and more. I have realized in this process that it is not just in the doing but in the undoing, the healing, that the real transformation occurs. With this knowledge and experience, Jessica supports overachievers to reduce stress and burnout to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

I pride myself on melding my ‘engineering brain’ and ‘holistic approaches’ to empower high achievers to access personal and professional success from the inside out.

I received my degree in electrical engineering and I have spent 13 years in Technology in Corporate America. In most of this time, I was searching for something outside of me. I thought if only I can get that project, that raise, that new job, that house, that car, that ‘you name it’, if only my kids listen, and my husband changes, then I will be happy. Happiness always laid just around the corner. What I realized is I was looking for happiness in a place I could never find it, outside of me. Outside of me is where I was taught to look for everything. What I have realized is that all I was ever looking for is inside of me – the happiness, the joy, the love, the elation, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insight – everything I want – it is all within me. Even the emotions, the feelings within me have a purpose. It is my life’s mission to empower women to journey within. Whether that is to rediscover themselves, discover what they want, feel worthy of love, remember they are enough, gain confidence or clarity, release anger, guilt, or hurt, finally connect to the happiness they have been longing for, or a myriad of other reasons. My purpose is to empower you to journey within.