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7 Step Pathway to Awakening

7 days of re-establishing the foundational connection to your infinite Self...

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7-Step Pathway to Spiritual Awakening 

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Step confidently onto the "7 Step Pathway to Awakening" and set out on a journey to uncover your unique perspectives and hidden talents. With every step, you'll find yourself getting closer to the true essence of who you are.

Ever felt that inner spark, hinting at boundless potential within? By exploring your deeper self, you'll unlock pathways to joy, growth, and profound connections.

Imagine a life where every emotion, even joy, passion, and excitement, fuels your journey, leading you to places you've always dreamt of. Say goodbye to doubts and embrace the magic within you.

Join hands with our vibrant community, dedicated to celebrating self-discovery, heart-centered awareness, and imaginative expression.

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Experiences and Love for the 

7-Step Pathway to Spiritual Awakening 

These 7 steps will ...

... open the doorway for radical self-acceptance, healing, and expansion by owning your Divinity and being the sovereign creator of your life. 

Let me first address that the goal here is not to achieve some level of consciousness so we will finally be forever blissful. The goal here is to understand ourselves so deeply that we can love ourselves in our humanity.

Based on spiritual teachings, my healing journey, and channeled guidance I’ve developed a process to guide you through healing each chakra from darkness into light while honoring exactly where you are. 

7-Step Pathways to Awakening Intensive


+ Struggling with self-sabotage, feeling alone, or want to grow spiritually? 

+ Identification of obstacles, stagnance, and trauma

+ Inspiring Sound Healing Meditations to guide you into alignment

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+Actions to elevate out of survival mode and into enlightened existence

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7 - Step Pathway to Awakening Intensive

The 7 Steps


+ Step 2:  Release TRAPPED EMOTIONS holding you back


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7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive


Uncovering the Mysteries of the Chakra System

+ understanding the chakra system and its connection to Mary Magdalene

+ explore the 7-step blueprint to connect with the divine essence within

+learn the Intuitively Aligned formula to let go of limiting beliefs, emotions, and thoughts 

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I'm so excited for your growth through the Spiritual Awakening Process

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 1:

The Root Chakra

+ uncover the underlying symptoms and impacts of hidden limiting beliefs 

+ explore how unexpressed emotions can manifest as passive-aggressive behavior, frustration, and even volcanic outbursts

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+Investigate the connection between trapped emotions and physical symptoms

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7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 2:

+ better cope with and recover from emotional challenges and setbacks  

+ unleash your creative potential, leading to increased innovation and artistic expression.

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+embrace and enjoy your sensuality, leading to more fulfilling and satisfying intimate relationships

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The Sacral Chakra

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 3:

+ Identify the core of overwhelm, self-doubt, & Lack of self-trust 

+ overcome internal conflicts and bring all parts of yourself on the same page

Feeling stuck in your head?

+Learn the tools you need for alignment and clarity

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Want to heal Self-Doubt?

The Sacral Chakra

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 4:

+ explore how to bring all aspects of ourselves together and align with our true essence

+ address the disconnections and walls we may have built in our hearts, and how they can hinder our ability to give and receive love

Ready for more Self-love?

+discuss the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of heart healing

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The Heart Chakra

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 5:

+ Unearth the impacts of your ability to speak your truth and express your wants and needs

+ Uncover generational wounds that may have prevented our maternal lineage from speaking their truth, and the impacts passed down

Struggle to 

+build a relationship with our internal voice to overcome the physical and spiritual challenges that arise from not speaking our heart's desires

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speak your truth?

The Throat Chakra

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 6:

+ discuss the importance of the third eye and how it affects our visions, intuition, imagination, and ultimately our life

+ learn how the lower three chakras are connected to the third eye and how healing them can bring clarity 

Ready to create

+ create a clearer vision for your future to align with your soul's purpose

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 a vision for your future?

The Third Eye

7 Pathways to Awakening Intensive

Step 7:

+ Explore how the crown chakra connects us to inspiration and spirit, and what's required to manifest our true heart's desires

+ Uncover the importance of forgiveness and healing self-betrayal in opening this chakra

Join me to

+ Learn about balancing the divine masculine and feminine energies within you to unlock your true potential

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create a life you truly deserve

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The Crown Chakra

It's Time,
Join Me To Awaken

Based on spiritual teachings, my healing journey, and channeled guidance I’ve developed a process to guide you through healing each chakra from darkness into light while honoring exactly where you are. 

7 Step Pathway to Awakening



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Kind Words

Jessica touched on what was on the top of my mind but also touched on deeper lingering areas that I am working on.

Jerris H.

We did an Intuitive Guidance Session and I will say that it was the most profound experience I've ever had.

— Kaylan Wetzel

Jessica is incredibly nurturing, wonderfully gifted and tuned in to Spirit.
 I felt very safe and accepted. Jessica channeled exactly everything that is going on in my life and I felt so full of joy, awe, and tears. I feel so thankful and honored to have had this experience with Jessica.

— Susie F.

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— Inspiring Clients

I’m committed to teaching high-achieving empaths, lightworkers, and healers how to trust their intuition, reclaim their intuitive gifts, and confidently step into their Soul's Purpose using my Soulfully Aligned Formula.

I’m a certified spiritual counselor, energy healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Business Strategist with 1000s of hours of experience in mindful energy work. I'll guide you to explore the beauty of your inner world in a way that welcomes and embraces all parts of you – mind, body, and soul – so you can remember who you really are and what you have come here to do. What would life look like if you could break free from limiting thinking, find deep inner nourishment, and illuminate your natural essence?

In my former life, I was a successful electrical engineer with a thriving corporate career. As my personal ambitions grew, so did my career, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was called to bring healing to powerful women, who are also called to change the world.

I know what it’s like to be successful on the outside, confused and burnt out on the inside, and yearning to live a purposeful life that’s aligned with who you truly are. As frustrated, exhausted, or downright over it as you may feel right now, there is another path. A path for you to start illuminating your deepest desires in every moment. I'm here to show you the way.

I’d be honored to help you dive into an even deeper level of your energetic alignment and create a life that sets your soul on fire!


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